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About American Bank Equipment Leasing, Inc. (ABEL)

ABEL understands the value of your time. We know it shouldn't be wasted filling out paperwork, sitting in a bank lobby, trying to figure out intentionally confusing financial structures, or waiting three weeks for an answer that was promised in three days. Your initial satisfaction in dealing with ABEL is compounded by the continuing support you receive.

Your needs are unique. We have the experience to shape our structures to your needs. ABEL is a family business with a history in this industry dating back to 1957.We have a thorough understanding of the financial needs of most business owners, which may exceed even that of the business owners themselves.  We have been helpful in advising clients on how to save money because of our years of experience. We are far more than a bunch of clerks with a scoring model.

Lower Costs
We often recommend master leases to take advantage of the lower rates for larger transactions while getting the flexibility to acquire individual pieces of equipment based on your schedule. For creditworthy clients borrowing in excess of $100,000, the interest rates we offer are equal to or lower than what they could expect from their banks. Our financing structures are all fixed rate. Fixed rate financing is very important in times of rising interest rates. Rates become higher with smaller dollar amounts and shorter terms. Our account managers will work with you to determine the best plan.  For smaller transactions, the convenience of dealing with ABEL outweighs higher costs, if any. ABEL does not have undisclosed fees or any charges for documentation, credit review, inspections, etc.

You want to work with a company who has successfully come through a few recessions and economic downturns and continues to provide a high level of service. You do not have the time nor desire to continually educate a lender or lessor on your business in order to get a small loan or lease. You shouldn't have to make more than one phone call to get copies of documents. Dealing with a company that knows you and actively supports you on a regular basis saves you considerable time and money.

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